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2017 Regional EMS Awards Program


Do you know someone who is an exemplary EMS provider, outstanding EMS administrator, dedicated emergency nurse or physician?   We're looking for the best of the best and we need your help!  Take a few moments to reflect on the many successes of your organization.  Are there people you should be recognizing?  We think there are!  Your mission is to find and nominate someone for a 2017 Regional EMS Award! 

This is a fantastic opportunity to honor those people in your region who excel in the EMS field.  Submit a Regional EMS Award nomination for one of the twelve categories either directly to ODEMSA or to your assigned ODEMSA Field Coordinator.  If your nomination is selected for a regional award, it will then be nominated for the statewide Governor's EMS Awards.  Contact ODEMSA for more information and be sure to submit your application by April 7, 2017.

Nominate early and often!  Regional EMS Award nominations will be accepted in 11 categories, plus the Scholarship for Outstanding Contributions to EMS by a HighSchool Senior in which the senior chosen will win a $1,000 scholarship!  All regional winners will be advanced to the state level for consideration for the Governor's EMS Awards and Statewide Scholarship to be presented in November during the 2017 Virginia EMS Symposium.  Nominations must be received by April 7, 2017

Awards Guidelines and Criteria

  • Anyone may submit nominations for the Regional EMS Awards.
  • For all categories the nomination should be based on a pattern of conduct/activities that has culminated in an exceptional improvement of the emergency medical services system in the locality, region or state.  The nomination may also be based on a single unusual event that was beyond ordinary duty.
  • Using the official 2016 Nomination Forms, applications must be submitted electronically to ODEMSA or given to your assigned ODEMSA Field Representative.
  • The person making the nomination should have extensive knowledge of the nominee's qualifications and carefully select the category that most appropriately matches the nominee's accomplishments.
  • The nominee must have current licensure or certification in the category in which he or she has been nominated.
  • Up to three letters of commendation, newspaper/periodical articles, a brief resume and other materials may be attached to the nomination form, but only three will be accepted.
  • Any nominator that is not submitted through the Regional Awards Program is invalid and will not be presented to the Governor's EMS Awards Selection Committee.




To Download the 2017 ODEMSA Award Nomination Application Click Here