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ODEMSA Regional Plans, Policies, and Guidelines

These are the most current plans and documents as approved by the ODEMSA Board of Directors.

Air Medical Guidelines
icon ODEMSA Regional Air Medical Evacuation Guidelines - 2015

Diversion Guidelines
icon ODEMSA Hospital Diversion Plan - 2016

Drug Box Documents
icon ODEMSA Drug Box and Restocking Policies - 2016
icon ODEMSA Drug Box Contents - 2016
icon ODEMSA Drug Box Schematic - 2016
icon ODEMSA 2nd and 3rd Tier Medication Alternatives - 2015
icon Pharmacy Order Form for ODEMSA Drug Box Supplies
icon ODEMSA Drug Kit Exchanges - Locations and Directions - 2015

ALS Coordinator Guidelines ALS Coordinator Guidelines 

Mass Casualty Incidents
icon ODEMSA Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Plan - 2016
 MCI EMS Mutual Aid Response Guide  

Mass Gathering
icon ODEMSA Treat and Release Policy - 2012

Patient Field Report to ER (MIVT Form)
icon ODEMSA Patient Field Report (MIVT) - 2014
icon ODEMSA Patient Field Report (MIVT) - 2014 (Editable Word Document)

Patient Destination Policy
icon ODEMSA Patient Destination Policy - 2012

Performance Improvement Plans
icon ODEMSA Regional Medical Performance Improvement Plan - 2014
icon ODEMSA Regional Trauma Performance Improvement Plan - 2014
icon ODEMSA Regional Trauma Triage PI Plan - 2014  (updated 12/2014)

Regional EMS Plan
icon ODEMSA Regional EMS Plan - 2011-2014

Response Guides
icon ODEMSA Ebola Response Guide - 2014

Restocking Policy
icon ODEMSA Drug Box and Ambulance Restocking Policies - 2014
icon ODEMSA Agency Restocking Agreement - 2014
icon ODEMSA Hospital Restocking Agreement - 2014

Regional STEMI Guidelines 
icon ODEMSA Regional STEMI Guidelines - 2015

Stroke Triage Plan
icon ODEMSA Stroke Triage Plan - 2016
icon ODEMSA Post-IV TPA Transfer Form

VCUHS / MCV Hospitals Helipad Operations Policy
VCUHS-MCV Hospitals Helipad Operations- 2010 VCUHS-MCV Hospitals Helipad Operations- 2010