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Registration Procedure  

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians requires the Exam Coordinator of each exam to submit testing information no later than three weeks prior to a test date.  In order to comply, ODEMSA will require all students to register three weeks in advance of the exam date they choose.   ODEMSA allows students taking the State EMT- Enhanced Exam to test at the National Registry test sites.  For logistical reasons ODEMSA will require the same three-week notice for those who want to take the State Exam. 

Space is limited at all test sites and most fill to capacity quickly.  It is recommended you register for the exam you wish to take as early as your instructor will let you. 

To register you must:

1.  Use the link below to register for your test. 

2.  Pay the testing fee with a credit card.  If you select "Pay by Check", you may do so in the form of a money order, cashier check, or, if paying in person, cash.  ODEMSA does not accept personal checks for ALS testing.  If an agency will pay the fee for you, you must notify ODEMSA prior to the three week deadline. Failure to pay by check before the 2 week deadline will result in cancelation of your exam registration--no exceptions.

All financial matters must be in order between you and ODEMSA before the two week deadline or you will not be registered to take the exam.


Online registration for the National Registry Test site:

**Note: beginning Jan 1, 2017, test sites are required to register students with a Pyschomotor Authorization to Test (PATT) number.  This number is found on the letter your instructor gives you (in your NREMT portal) to test. 


Refunds will not be granted if requested within one week of the test date.

ODEMSA test fees are in addition to the fee paid to the National Registry.

Test Fees: Initial Testing

National Registry EMT-Paramedic Exam      $250.00 

National Registry EMT-Intermediate/Advanced Exam   $200.00 

Test Fees:  Retests – ODEMSA Region

For all levels of testing ODEMSA charges $40.00 per a practical station.  


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